HBF’s New Member Plus Arrangement

By now, you will have heard of the amendments HBF is making to members’ dental cover in 2019. If you are one of our HBF patients with an outstanding treatment plan, or maybe you require your maintenance hygiene appointment, now is the time to book (before we close for Christmas on Saturday 22 December 2018) to maximise your benefits this calendar year. All appointments can be made by calling 9343 5900 or click here to book online.

The Heights Laser Dental Centre will continue to be a HBF Member Plus practice in 2019.

So what does your 2019 HBF coverage look like when attending a Member Plus dentist like us?

From January 1 2019, patients will still be entitled to one fully covered scale and clean per calendar year however HBF have removed the “no gap” on preventative dental for kids. Members with basic to mid-level coverage will be entitled to 75% or 85% respectively on preventative services, with guaranteed out of pocket expenses. Members with top level cover will receive 100% back (or no out of pocket expense) for the whole family – with or without dependents – on preventative services.

Rebates generally speaking will be reduced for general and major dental; annual rebates will be introduced for general dental (eg restorations and extractions); annual limits will be reduced for major dental. Note – HBF will not pay the same rebate for quotes provided this calendar year.

So what does this mean for you?

  • If you haven’t used your dental entitlements for the 2018 calendar year, in particular your fully covered general scale and clean, we suggest you book soon to ensure you can get an appointment before we close for Christmas on Saturday 22 December 2018 so as to not lose your benefit.
  • If you have children who currently benefit from no out of pocket expense on preventative services, again we suggest booking them an appointment before we close for Christmas on Saturday 22 December 2018.
  • If you have an incomplete treatment plan for general and / or major dental, again schedule your appointment before we close for Christmas on Saturday 22 December 2018 before rebates are affected in the New Year.

We look forward to continuing being of service to our valued patients and should you have any queries regarding the management of your oral health, please do not hesitate to contact us on 9343 5900.

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