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??????????????????????Over the last decade there has been an emphasis on the aesthetic appearance of oneself. Dentistry is no different. The face and smile is one part of that overall feature. Here at The Heights Laser Dental Centre, we can create your unique smile that will enhance your total appearance.

We get a lot of comments from our patients that they would like to be more confident about their teeth when they smile. Dr Gregory Chang has a system “3 Steps To A Confident Smile” Download that FREE report now. CLICK HERE

It is important to understand what your needs are. Is it the unevenness of your smile; large silver/ black fillings that you can see; missing teeth creating a black space in your smile; you would like to replacing missing front tooth/ teeth; you would like to have better lip and cheek support? Knowing that and evaluating how your overall mouth condition, we can help create your confident smile.

There are many treatment modalities that are available to dentist to help recreate that smile. They include orthodontics, veneers, crowns and implants to name a few. Each of these may be used to help you create your confident smile.

Call our practice today on 9343 5900 so that you can begin to smile confidently once more.

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