At The Heights Laser Dental Centre, we understand that everyone is unique. Each one of us has their own skin tone, eye colour, hair type, smile and such like. A general standard Hollywood smile does not reflect the best for everyone. Ever seen the
show called Friends? Remember when Ross whitened his teeth for his new girl-friend; it was so white it glowed in the dark! Whitening of your teeth should enhance your overall smile as an individual. It should not completely take over your image. Our aim is to achieve the best possible smile for each individual but not the same smile for everyone we see.

Tooth whitening is a procedure that lightens the colour of your teeth as it removes staining and discolouration. We provide a whitening service of in-chair whitening with our Beyond light plus a take home kit. The teeth are isolated with a protective barrier and the whitening agent is prepared and placed onto the teeth. The light activates the whitening agent. After several treatments, whitening of the teeth is achieved. A take home kit is issued so you
can maintain the colour of your teeth that has been achieved in the surgery, at home. The kit is used for 30 minutes a day for a week, after the in surgery treatment. This ensures longer lasting results.

There are two types of staining which occur on our teeth; staining that is on the surface of the tooth or within the tooth. Staining that has been built up within the tooth can only be removed by whitening, on the other hand, staining on the surface of the tooth may be removed by a simple cleaning session with the dentist or hygienist. Why not make an appointment with our friendly staff and see how much we can help you improve your smile.

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